Livenodes Weekly

LiveNodes Weekly #7

Hi there! We’re pleased to have you join us for this extra-special edition of LiveNodes Weekly. LiveNodes First and foremost, Livenodes Coin (LNO) is now finally listed on CoinMarketCap. CMC provides Livenodes Coin more exposure than any other site on the web. LNO was recently listed on as well. In the ATAIX listing vote, LiveNodes Coin is …

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LiveNodes Weekly #6

In this week’s article, we have lots of exciting developments to bring to your attention. Some of our biggest ones to date are just on the horizon. The best is yet to come. LiveNodes We’re delighted to inform you that our masternode monitoring service that we’ve been building, LiveNodes MasterNode Monitoring, is in the final …

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LiveNodes Weekly #5

This week’s edition is going to be a little different than previous ones. We have a lot of news for you from some of our amazing partners and clients. On our front, we have several developments to address as well. LiveNodes One of our partners, Evonodes, just celebrated their 1st anniversary. What they’ve accomplished in …

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LiveNodes Weekly #4

In this week’s edition of LN Weekly we’ll be covering a variety of our most recent developments. Our marketing service in particular, Crypto Masters, has recently made great headway. LiveNodes In the previous edition, we announced the launch of the LiveNodes Online Store. There you can use LiveNodes Coin to purchase high-quality products, such as …

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LiveNodes Weekly #3

We’re happy to notify our valued community that we’ve made substantial progress since the previous edition. As always, we’re hard at work improving our comprehensive ecosystem and marketing services. LiveNodes Those who had their LNO masternodes before 21/06 and users with holdings in shared masternode pools have been compensated for the wallet testing period. Now …

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LiveNodes Weekly #2

For this week’s edition of LiveNodes Weekly, we have several exciting developments to bring to our community’s attention. The team has been working diligently to ensure projects continue receiving high-quality services. We’re improving our offerings and making new ones available on a consistent basis. Our operations are growing and with it our capabilities. LiveNodes The …

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LiveNodes Weekly #1

LiveNodes and Crypto Masters now have a weekly publication! Every Monday it will provide information about our thoughts, progress, and plans for the future. The articles are intended to be a supplement to the content we make available to our partners, clients, and community. LiveNodes Over the past several months we’ve managed to add over …

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