Crypto Masters and Martkist are taking a common road with a new partnership

Decentralization has many implications for worldwide industries and people across the world. This vision brings many advantages including reduced fees, increased efficiencies, removal of layers of corruption while simplifying the whole exchange processes. Decentralization is therefore reinforced with the introduction of decentralized marketplaces, allowing for truly peer-to-peer transactions without centralized authorities taking their fees, made possible through blockchain technology and smart contracts. In our research of looking for solid partners with innovative vision, Crypto Masters is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Martkist.

Martkist is, in short, a decentralized anarchy and community-oriented project representing a new era in the world of decentralized economy and featuring many groundbreaking features. The added value of Martkist is the creation of a global community network, using digital distributed certificates, escrow, and all-in-one integrated exchange services using the native currency of the project, MARTK coin. The main objective of the project is to create a wide community of users and investors able to create and exchange digital assets, software licences, event tickets, receipts, certificates and other ownership documents as well as various applications built on top of Martkist chain.

Ground-breaking technologies

Martkist is based on a hybrid POW/POS-Masternode (70%/20%) consensus and has been mainly developed as a protocol rooted in the blockchain network, the Zero Confirmation Directed Acyclic Graph or Z-DAG. In the network , masternodes play an important role in the future of the project through the governance and budget voting system , incentivizing owners to participate in the growth of the community and the project in the long-run.

Z-DAG is a directed acyclic graph (DAG) complementary to POW system where validating nodes verify the sequential ordering of transactions that are received in their memory pools. Z-DAG is used by the validating nodes across the network to ensure that there is absolute consensus on the ordering of transactions ensuring the complete stability and security of the network. Furthermore, Z-DAG solution has been applied to multiple Martkist functions including offers and assets available on the decentralized marketplace, escrow service, alias identities and certificates to prove the ownership and maintain integrity.

Martkist platform also features a tokenization layer allowing users to trade and exchange various digital assets via blockchain. The list of possibilities includes but is not limited to: tokens and cryptocurrencies backed by real physical assets such as gold or other precious metals, Loyalty points plus service backed tokens. The vision behind the Martkist project offers various worldwide applications and uses-cases making the Martk currency a great exchange asset as well as a store of value.

Finally, the Martkist decentralized marketplace is one of the major solutions implemented by the team. This marketplace will allow investors and daily users to use a wide variety of services and brings many features such as digital assets and sales, auctions creation and management , platform moderation and private offers , rating and feedback system , a unique identity system via aliases and unlimited payment options. The decentralized marketplace also features an open-API for developers, simplifying the whole application creation process on top of Martkist blockchain across the world.

A financially independent vision and budget voting system

With the proliferation of cryptocurrency projects, many funding sources have emerged to allow projects to obtain the funds necessary for development, often without success despite long periods of funding: ICO, IEO as well as a multitude of diverse and varied solutions. Martkist, on the other hand, has shown a great vision oriented around his community to simply allow the achievement of objectives without requiring significant external funding. In this sense, the Martkist team worked hard to develop the project on their own, without using an ICO or a premine amount to finance the evolution of the project in the long term.

In the meantime, the budget voting system implemented in the ecosystem represents a fundamental role played by mastemode owners in Martkist marketplace. The voting mechanism is based on a decentralized voting leveraging the blockchain network. Martkist users will get a chance to introduce new projects via the marketplace budgets voting portal directly. The different vote options available to mastemode operators on a proposal will include “ yes”, “ no” and “abstain”. Payments are also completely decentralized through a superblock and a reward of 10% of the total amount allocated for budget proposals in a month. More possibilities will be offered to the community such as marketing, partnering firms for instance or even community bounties to develop the community and bring value to the whole ecosystem.

A partnership with multiple advantages

This new partnership between Crypto Masters and Martkist brings many advantages for both entities. On the one hand, Crypto Masters, since its inception, has continuously offered innovative marketing solutions to help projects in need, thus bringing a steady stream of new investors passionate about the world of cryptocurrencies. In this way, Martkist will be able to benefit from this experience as well as from a solid base of trusted investors already at ease with digital asset trading systems.

On the other hand, with the proliferation of cryptocurrency exchanges and markets, many projects have become completely illiquid due to lack of means and solutions to make themselves known or by lack of investors. Martkist, through its innovative solutions and its partnership with Crypto Masters, offers members of the community tools and a latest generation marketplace specialized in the cryptocurrency sector, allowing both the exchange and storage of crypto currencies, but also the development of various systems and applications within the blockchain in a complete security.

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