Crypto Masters is now collaborating with AllSafe project

Crypto Masters has the pleasure to introduce to the community our newest partnership with the Allsafe  project. Since its launch in 2018 and despite the loss of speed of projects based on masternode systems, Allsafe has succeeded, through its involvement and innovations, in becoming a key player in the development of passive income that is simple and easy to set up without technical knowledge.

Today, Allsafe offers a wide range of features rewarding the community and the investors for their active participation in the growth of the network including several events and giveaways reserved to Allsafe holders. With this new partnership, Crypto masters will be able to offer new services for its community, including reliable solutions to increase the value of assets held, including staking and masternodes features. On the other hand, the AllSafe project will have the opportunity to benefit from the long-standing expertise of the members of the Crypto Masters team while having access to a diverse and specialized network in the world of blockchain and innovative projects. with one of the most active communities in the crypto sphere.

What is Allsafe?

AllSafe coin is a digital crypto-currency inspired by the well-known BTC, Dash and PIVX currencies. The project is based on a multi-consensus MN/Proof-of-Stake and, in that way, offers all the benefits related to crypto staking and masternode holdings. The staking and masternode features implemented in the ecosystem bring a profitable return to all the investors regardless of their financial capabilities with all the security associated and ensuring the complete stability of the network.

AllSafe Coupon, Lottery and 1000 Club

AllSafe project has incentivized its community to actively participate in the future of the project through various programs and events bringing important benefits for the participants. First, the AllSafe coupon eternal lottery gives investors the opportunity to receive a total of 1,000 Allsafe coins in exchange for purchasing 10 coins in advance. The purchase of 10 pieces is essential in order to participate in the lottery and thus have the chance to win the grand prize. It is important to note, however, that there is no limit on the number of coupons that can be purchased per person. In the same way, AllSafe offers investors the chance to join the private club “All safe 1000 club” and to benefit from exclusive events and giveaways reserved to the club members. Any person wishing to join the club must hold at least 1000 AllSafe coins and will gain access to the only area in AllSafe Discord with multiplied rewards, special events, discounts, deals, and more opportunities. Finally, « Pool the Club » is a staking pool with extra rewards operated by the AllSafe Team directly and rewarding investors for their participation.

AllSafe MN program

AllSafe MN program is a new event allowing anyone to invest in the feeless shared nodes to get their own node by paying 13,500 Allsafe coins over 12 months to receive a total of 15,000 during the same period. At the beginning of each month, the core team of AllSafe will collect the collateral of the masternode from 12 different investors to fill the seats. The team is currently still looking for investors as the first 24 masternodes have already been filled.

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