Crypto Masters is pleased to announce its new partnership with the ImageCoin project

With today’s crypto-currency world, it has become extremely difficult to stand out from the competition already present without a completely original vision or concept. Many projects have emerged and have disappeared just as quickly, lacking originality or opportunities to differentiate themselves from the market. Crypto Masters today is pleased to announce its new partnership with the ImageCoin project, whose team is promoting a new way to manage content on the blockchain, especially for pictures and videos. ImageCoin offers the ability to send images and videos through the transactions of the blockchain, as well as download the same content upon receipt. In the near future, it will also theoretically be possible to search for specific content within the IMG blockchain.

ImageCoin is a two-part currency, ImageCoin (IMG), which stores images on the blockchain and ImageCash (IMGC) that allows you to buy and sell tokens of these contents within the blockchain. These two cryptocurrencies are forked from the DASH currency and are based on the same technical principles. 
 The IMG currency, based on a POW / MN model and the X11 algorithm, allows those whose mining cost is too high to still be able to invest and support the project by obtaining a masternode. The team also plans to establish several partnerships with blockchain industry players in order to offer users the opportunity to obtain a shared masternode for those who cannot afford the minimum collateral of 10,000 IMG. Everyone, minors or investors, will have the opportunity to support the project in its efforts to spread online content sharing on the blockchain market.

The adjustment of the hash difficulty is done by the dark gravity wave, which ensures that each block can be obtained by any miner, whatever his equipment, by adjusting the difficulty to each new block. The ZeroCoin protocol has been implemented for the IMG blockchain to ensure a high level of security for its users and investors. Security is a major issue when it comes to sharing on the Internet and ImageCoin’s team strives to provide the best experience for its users while providing privacy around content transactions within the blockchain. ImageCoin gives users the benefit of being both a cryptocurrency and utility coin allowing users to transact directly in Image for day to day use or enjoy its utility in multiple partnered projects such as İmage Cash.

The ImageCoin currency makes sharing content much easier thanks to the blockchain while ensuring a high level of reliability for its users. The Image team is constantly working to increase the possibilities of the currency in terms of content size, format and also the general features. Currently, the team has already implemented the transfer of images via the blockchain functionally and should implement very soon the sharing of video content on the same principle as images, to share any type of content around the world within the blockchain IMG. An explanatory video of the process of managing and downloading the content is available here:
 The maximum content size is currently 8MB (formerly 5) and increases as the project progress to reach the full potential of this cryptocurrency and to allow the transfer of images, pictures, and videos of very important size. 
 ImageCoin also offers an Android version (iOS version is currently in development) already available on the website to facilitate the exchange of content between users. The application is usable and offers the same features as the desktop version.

With a team of experts specialized in the field of cryptocurrency and more specifically masternodes and dash-like currencies, ImageCoin is revolutionizing the market by offering a new approach to content sharing between users and tends to become a key player in this market still unexploited. Content sharing across transactions is an important step forward for the blockchain and for potential future opportunities once the technology has been adopted by the general public.

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