In the era of new technologies and the implementation of blockchain technology, the upsurge of projects poses a major problem for investors. It is difficult today to stay up to date on the multitude of existing projects and to identify those with an interesting vision.

Major market fluctuations since the previous year have undermined investor confidence in cryptocurrency projects. Many scams have emerged, motivated by greed and lack of knowledge concerning good IT practices.

It has since become extremely difficult for a project to raise the funds needed for the production and conformity of a product (MVP) or even simply to set up the original vision desired by the different teams. Many ICOs have been postponed for lack of resources, despite sales sometimes lasting up to several months.

This significant decline in the popularity of blockchain is also due to a lack of quality marketing for the various projects with an interesting vision.

Crypto Masters has now solved this problem by offering a wide variety of quality digital marketing services, constantly adapted to the needs of the market and greatly improving the scope of projects within the crypto community.

Crypto Masters offers a wide range of services and marketing tools, allowing the various projects to be able to increase their fields of action and to have the opportunity to implement their visions in the long term. The team, made up of 4 experts in marketing and blockchain technology, has managed, in a very short time, to bring many projects to success. With more than 65 customers and 25 official partners, Crypto Masters offers users the opportunity to become investors for quality projects, carefully selected by the team according to very specific criteria. Although blockchain technology eliminates intermediaries, it is still necessary to have this external part to connect the right project and investors for the good of both parties.

Crypto Masters supports the marketing and promotion of blockchain projects through the LiveNodes ecosystem, based on blockchain technology, as well as its associated services. The promotion is mainly done via modern social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Discord or specialized forums like BitcoinTalk to increase the potential audience targeted by marketing campaigns. These networks have millions of daily users who can one day use cryptocurrencies. Crypto Masters has now diversified, and its business has evolved towards greater proximity with customers.

Indeed, the team also offers technical services related to the blockchain, as cryptocurrency mining pool and coin creation, blockchain development, block explorer, masternode set up script and cryptocurrency wallet development as well as technical support for the customer needs.

Crypto Masters is also responsible for creating digital content to highlight customer ideas when it’s requested by the client. This is done in two ways. By creating blog articles, mainly on Medium, a social content-sharing platform with strong traffic of users attracted by the world of crypto-currencies, as well as by the realization of video presentations, introducing the projects with interactive and dynamic content to quickly understand the team’s vision.

Finally, the team acts as an intermediary with an escrow service for financial transactions allowing buyers and sellers to easily manage online transactions and securely exchange cryptocurrencies.

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