CryptoMasters and Snode platform are now officially partners

As we previously mentioned in the last articles, over the last few months, we have concluded many large-scale partnerships, offering the chance to take part in technically innovative projects. In our research for partnerships of excellence and expansion of the Crypto Masters network in general, we are today very pleased to announce our new recent collaboration with the Snode project.

This new partnership will provide the opportunity for our community to use the Snode platform, which is set to become an unprecedented leader in the masternode hosting market and passive investment and income within the blockchain space.

Snode Overview is a state-of-art masternode hosting platform offering numerous types of hosting options such as instant, shared, dedicated and more recently trustless nodes. Although these solutions are only based on Cloud VPS, the team still ensures the best user experience and top-notch security by archiving and maintaining the system with high availability (Guaranteed minimum uptime).

In order to solve technical problems and satisfy the Snode community, the SND team also offers a special term to compensate investors and clients in case of platform-side issues (Payment problems, Connectivity issues on VPS, reward scheme inconsistencies or errors etc).

Snode team has been thriving everyday to help and support the community technically and socially to bring the best experience for the Snode users. While not officially incorporated yet, at the opposite of numerous competitors in that field, the Snode team has serious plans to create the Snode company to bring more investors and confidence on board.

The trustless hosting feature is a major addition to the Snode ecosystem and is what makes it stand out from current competitors. It allows enabling new masternodes on the Snode platform while keeping the collateral amount safe and secured in the local wallet, without the underlying and common need to make a transaction.

The process is simple and divided into three steps:

– Reserve a masternode

– Create a trustless node

– View and manage the nodes

Pricing varies and depends on the package picked by the users. However, the Snode trustless hosting solution is currently one of the cheapest on the masternode market. The fee in SND is dynamically adjusted according to the exchange price.

Daily: 10 cents

Weekly: 49 cents

Monthly: 1,5 dollars

SND Use cases

The Snode (SND) currency brings interesting use cases for daily users and investors. The most important use case associated with SND is the fees payment for masternodes and even trustless hosting.

Furthermore, the collaboration with the Birake Network brought a new incentive to use the Snode ecosystem. The listing program feature allows the list of new coins on Snode just by suggesting and voting about it. In short, the project with the highest number of votes will be listed on the Snode exchange and in the whole birake network every 15 days.

Finally, the Snode team is currently running a giveaway on their twitter to celebrate their first anniversary with the chance to win up to 200 SND.

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