CryptoMasters integrates YeaBit.Finance as Client to revolutionize the lending sector

With the growing craze around crypto currencies and mainly solutions defined as decentralized finance, or DeFi, it has become extremely difficult to come up with an innovative solution, distinct from the existing market but also with a vision of quality for the long term and the future of a project. We at Crypto Masters are very pleased to announce today the future integration of a serious new project into our ecosystem, YeaBit Finance.

Led by a team of experienced financial and blockchain experts , YeaBit.Finance or YBF is a new project recently launched on the market and focusing on the revolution of lending systems within the DeFi sector. Most of the time, the return on lending is calculated on an annualized basis and as of today, there are many cryptocurrency loans that pay only a few tenths of a percent to more than 15 or 20%. This return depends on the duration of the loan and the cryptocurrency loaned. The longer the loan term and the rarer the loaned cryptocurrency, the greater the return on the lending will be for the investor who subscribed to the lending offer.

Thus, YeaBit enters both a booming market with very specific needs for the community and an increasingly strong demand, but also a market where existing solutions, despite being very popular with investors for a long-term return on investment, also bring their share of problems and disadvantages. The Yeabit solution is the first-of-his-kind solution to combine the advantages of DeFi , CeFi and Lending systems while minimizing the risks and disadvantages of already existing traditional systems.

YeaBit Finance overview

Simply put, YeaBit.Finance is an intermediary platform that connects decentralized and centralized lending by combining both their advantages and drawbacks for the greatest solution for the community. Based on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token , YeaBit.Finance , namely YBF brings various advantages for the platform’ users thanks to the combination of CeFi and Defi visions. First of all , YBF infrastructure offers a constantly increasing liquidity via the centralized capital and from exchanges with an unprecedent interoperability with the decentralized platforms such as YeaFinance, YearnFinance or even the more recent project , Mantradao.

Furthermore, the YeaBit Finance platform is flexible via the CeFi and DeFi associated solutions , highly secure and brings a serious degree of transparency to ensure fairness of both borrowers and lenders in the DeFi and CeFi ecosystems. In that way , YeabitFinance is the world’s very first decentralized loan and loan intermediary application , available to everyone across the globe thanks to underlying blockchain technology.

Upcoming sales and listing

As of now , the YeaBit.Finance project is still under preparation phase. The token sale will be announced in the upcoming days and will consist of selling YBF tokens to fund the future development of the project , including operations, management , marketing and more. More details shall be shared by the team in due time , but the official smart contract is already fully created and auditable via Etherscan : 0x2e10af169174649ecd184931d3fa48fafe5d9cb6.

Finally, to reinforce the liquidity around the project YFB after launch , the team has already negotiated the listing on Uniswap , set for October 10 at a starting price of 500 dollars and shall be added to more exchanges in the coming weeks. All the details regarding the future listings and sales details will be officially and publicly announced by the team directly.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join us with YFB to revolutionize the financial sector and to enjoy all the benefits of both CeFi and DeFi solutions brought by YFB.

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