CryptoMasters introduces Yea.Finance, our latest partner in the DeFi space

Due to the certain enthusiasm for new projects associated with DeFi, more and more players in the crypto sphere are moving towards the creation or transition for systems and infrastructures based on decentralized finance, a new model that we presented in a previous article. Today we are delighted to add among our members a large and innovative new project still at the launch stage : Yea Finance. We work hard every day in order to be able to find interesting projects, with a quality vision both short and long-term while highlighting the solutions that allow the Crypto Masters community to flourish and obtain a strong financial independence far from the traditional banking system.

What is Yea.Finance

Yea Finance is, simply put, a decentralized lending platform that supports polynomial cross-borrowing standards and protocols and linking loan platforms with a strong support thanks to blockchain technology. Yea Finance aims to revolutionize the current financial world by offering unprecedented solutions at a lower cost and by doing everything to put users first. By using the distributed ledger technology , every customer and user of the Yea infrastructure is protected by a high degree of security and with the insurance that their identity is guaranteed and safe. The integration of such lending platform on top of blockchain technology also mitigates the possible bad outcomes and issues and limits risks for both borrowers and lenders.

Yea Finance, as a project developed on a decentralized model on the blockchain, has several advantages over traditional lending systems. First of all, Yea has a certain level of clarity and transparency since all operations can be viewed on the blockchain while being neither modifiable nor alterable by any external control body, in the same way as smart contracts. used. In addition, the implemented technology offers both unprecedented speed but also minimal or non-existent costs depending on the case. In general, the system established by Yea offers all the benefits of blockchain technology and decentralized finance while greatly limiting the associated risks for the various participants.

Introduction to YEA Tokens

The Yea Finance ecosystem is fueled by the YEA Token , an ERC20-based token developed on the Ethereum blockchain which has been designed to answer the needs related to the management of operations on the network , including the issuance of loans through the Yea platform. Yea token can also be used to borrow more than the set or predefined collateral. When an investor wants to lend through Yea platform, the investor’s loan will reach the borrower safely and transparently, then the borrower will mortgage another amount at Yea’s application. If the asset falls in value during the process or operations, the loan is liquidated immediately in real-time as that event occurs in order to guarantee the lender’s risks.

How to buy YEA tokens during pre-sale

As stated in the introduction of this article, the YEA token presale is still live and anyone can buy tokens to enjoy the benefits of this innovative vision. In order to buy YEA tokens , users must send the desired amount of ETH to the smart contract at the address 0x4128909db3de3973f3a163fc76d71a012b30e20a (with a minimum is 0,1 ETH per transaction)

1 YEA is currently set at 0.1 ETH with a total supply of 5000 YEA including 3000 YEA reserved for the sale. The 2000 other tokens will remain locked for 6 months which can be verified here : 0x40b92fce37cefa03baf7603e7913c1d34dd1a4ec

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