CryptoMasters opens a new partnership with Sombe Project

At the start of this new year 2020, and, with the vision to continuing the guideline chosen in 2019, namely to facilitate the adoption of cryptocurrencies in everyday life, Crypto Masters is pleased to announce a new major partnership with the Sombe project.

Despite an increasingly connected modern world, many regions of the world such as the African continent remain deprived of access to the banking system and cryptocurrencies offer a sustainable and accessible solution to solve this major problem.

This new collaboration opens up new horizons for the two entities. On the one hand, the Sombe project will easily be able to widen its audience of investors and potential clients on African territory via the community of CryptoMasters already well established within the crypto market as well as its varied expertise. On the other hand, the community and partners of Crypto Masters will be able to benefit from new specialized and localized blockchain services while developing passive income via the multiple POS / MN consensus of the Sombe project and its banking services.

Sombe Project Overview

The Sombe project is established around a unique financial vision and adapted to meet specific needs and to a target audience mainly on African territory. The Sombe currency was forked from the source codes of the DASH and PIVX currencies and therefore offers the possibility of building a passive income via the double POS / MN consensus reward system and the QUARK algorithm. The vision of the Sombe project is to guarantee the confidentiality of its users’ financial data while becoming the undisputed leader of peer-to-peer blockchain micro-payment solutions in Africa both on the Internet and in local stores.

A set of groundbreaking technologies and governance model

The stability and sustainability of the Sombe ecosystem are ensured by innovative, reliable blockchain technologies focused on the decentralization of assets and associated financial services. With the implementation of the version 0.10 of Bitcoin core and POS 3.0, users and investors of the Sombe currency can enjoy the benefits of the Proof-of-Stake solution to develop their asset portfolios. The security and compliance of transactions are then directly guaranteed by the capacities offered via the Bitcoin core 0.10 code.

In addition, Sombe offers the possibility of carrying out instant transactions via the iBanX protocol. IBanX makes it possible to confirm transactions simply in a few seconds through the network of masternodes, without the need to obtain numerous confirmations as is the case with many competing currencies. Ultimately, this protocol will facilitate the general adoption of cryptocurrencies and their daily uses without having to fear the disadvantages of traditional financial systems.

Finally, all users and supporters of the project can interact with the future of the project via masternodes and the associated governance system. The implementation of a masternode requires locking a minimum of 2,000,000 SBE as collateral and opens rights for its holder: to vote for a new budget, development and updating proposals, while considerably increasing the concept of decentralization and the associated possibilities for the Sombe community.

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