ImageCoin, An Explosive Trend In That Bear Market

The current market trend is such that most cryptocurrencies fluctuate or remain stable for a few weeks. Since our last article in May about ImageCoin, the team has succeeded in demonstrating its involvement in the project by performing rarely matched prowess while bringing news regularly to the community.

For a reminder, ImageCoin offers the ability to send images and videos through blockchain networks, as well as downloading the previously shared content upon receipt. The team is working hard to allow specific searches to be made directly on the blockchain in order to find contents.

After doing a partnership with OreCoinGames, the ImageCoin currency has been listed on numerous and well-known masternode statistics sites and exchanges. The past few weeks have brought a lot of exposure for this innovative project and helped to reach the current price of 0,61 cents on this day.

Achievements of the ImageCoin in 2 months

– Listing on exchange

– Listing on exchange

– Listing on, a marketcap and price tracker.

– Listing on, a well-known masternode site.

– Wallet 1.0.26 release for Wallet Image Isolation

– Wallet 1.0.27 release for messaging with friends

– Listing on CoinMarketCap.Click, a marketcap tracking site.

– Listing on, a tracking site for every currency.

– Listing on, a statistic site.

– Addition to Execute Platform, a crypto exchanger

– Listing on

– Listing on Hotbit exchange

-Listing on CoinMarketCap

The team achieved a lot in recent times and works hard to ensure the best future for the IMG community. The various contests and bounty they offered to the community allowed the project to receive a wider audience of investors and daily users wishing to share contents through blockchain.

Price Evolution

ImageCoin is a safe bet when it comes to hard work and innovative technology. No competitors in the market can offer images sharing solutions through blockchain as IMG does. Since January 2019, the price evolved a lot from 0,002 $ the 31 January to 0,886 $ on July 19 far beyond expectations from the community. The success to deliver a solid product and use case brought IMG to the top and the future is even brighter for the entire ecosystem. The fulfillment of the objectives on the roadmap and further listing on platforms and exchanges will be a great benefit for the project in the future.