A leading multi-consensus asset focused on privacy and confidentiality, introduction to IndexChain

The start of 2020 was greatly shaken by the arrival of the coronavirus and its rapid spread around the world. As a result of this crisis, the global economy has suffered a sharp slowdown and the stock and crypto markets have suffered the same financial consequences leading to a significant fall in values ​​in all markets. But despite these difficult times for the economy, many crypto projects are emerging and continue to offer innovative solutions, such as the IndexChain project.

IndexChain project has been thought to be focused on user privacy and confidentiality, offering anonymous systems while deploying industry leading encryption methods. In short, Index Chain is a complete solution, providing users with a all-in-one fully private, secure, fast and decentralized solution based on blockchain technology.

A multi-consensus and hybrid ecosystem

The IndexChain network was designed to meet all of the needs of the community and investors: offering a reliable, secure and confidential blockchain network and passive investment solution. In order to implement that vision, Index Chain was developed as a hybrid POS/POW currency with the x16rv2 algorithm and a complete set of masternodes. This system as a whole ensures the complete stability and proper functioning of the IndexChain ecosystem through secure and anonymous transactions. In the IndexChain network , masternode holders receive a larger block reward allocation due to the protection of the network through a lock guarantee stating that 70% of the block’s reward go to Masternode holders ( each masternode requires a collateral of 5000 IDX). To ensure the long-term sustainability of the IDX blockchain, at the opposite, its hybrid mining system has been divided between Proof of Work -x16rv2 and Proof of Stake 3.0 with an allocation ratio of 30 %. The implementation of these multiple methods coupled together results in faster development and promotion, creating a virtuous cycle that benefits all stakeholders, including Masternode owners, Miners, investors and even standard users.

State-of-Art technologies within IndexChain ecosystem

The core team of IndexChain has worked to implement groundbreaking solutions in the existing ecosystem. First , the Sigma protocol which is a mechanism for proving that a statement or occurrence is true that includes two parties , the prover and the verifier. The sigma protocol is quite close to the existing zero-knowledge proofs.

Furthermore , the Exodus protocol was implemented into the network, facilitating the use of smart contracts, customized currencies and tokens and even decentralized exchange functions. This layer expands the utility and functionality of the IDX blockchain so as not to affect its core functions as a digital currency. Exodus allows people to create custom tokens on the Index Chain , start blockchain-based crowdfunding or simplifies decentralized trading. Index Chain has implemented this layer of smart assets in its structure based on the structure implemented by the Zcoin currency.

Finally, amongst various security and privacy protocols , users can benefit from Dandelion ++ , a useful improvement over the original Dandelion protocol offering significant improvements in the privacy of the P2P network in the IDX network. Encryption attack vectors continue to evolve, as do solutions for them and Dandelion ++ represents another step forward in protecting user privacy applied to the large IDX system in the future.

IDX team has been working tirelessly to bring the most advanced features in an ecosystem offering various incentives to support the network. The multi-consensus and hybrid system allows anyone to participate in the network and its growth by either joining staking , mining or masternode systems.

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