LiveNodes Weekly #10

Hi everyone! It’s time for the tenth edition of LiveNodes Weekly.


We’re pleased to announce that we have won the first phase of the TradeSatoshi listing competition. It’s time for us to all work together again and vote for Livenodes Coin (LNO) at
This is the final vote. Let’s get LNO on TradeSatoshi!
One of our partners, Zcore, has been listed on our new masternode monitoring platform. It provides detailed information and statistics on masternode coins. Check out Zcore and other projects that we’ve listed so far at

Crypto Masters

We have a couple of new CM  clients, Duality Blockchain Solutions and Cryptocurrency (CCY). Another one of our clients, Skyhub (SHB), is celebrating its 1st anniversary. Congratulations! For this special occasion, we’re doing a SHB twitter bounty. 10 random participants will receive 100 SHB each, 1k coins total. The winners will be drawn on October 15th. We’re also doing a ZCR opinion bounty on twitter. 10 random participants will receive 200 ZCR a piece 2k coins total. The winners will be drawn on Oct 22. To participate, please visit our twitter page @cryptomasters07. And also be sure to check out the daily airdrops we have on our discord.

Thank you for all the support. Have a great week folks!