LiveNodes Weekly #13

Hi everyone! In this edition, our main focus is the mandatory LNO wallet update. We have some great Crypto Masters news to share with you as well.


Please follow the instructions provided to update to LNO 3.3.1 wallet. Use the latest script to install or update. && chmod +x && ./ and this will update the old 3.3.0 wallet to the new 3.3.1 wallet automatically. Use this in case you installed a previous version with the same script. And use the latest bootstrap to sync faster
Before or after the update use in console of your wallet, in case you don’t use bootstrap invalidate block 26497379f9bebe78d9130cdd62f3cb26168ca023a87850d6da11f203f1e75fd4.
Those who have peers issue update the wallet and use ‘’clearbanned’’ in wallet console

We’ve added a new masternode tier! Tier 4. The required collateral for this new masternode is 20k LNO.

We’ve changed the rules for Tier 4 before block 335000 to avoid issues and invalid blocks

The new block reward is 3 LNO. Here are the rewards for PoS and the masternode tiers:
PoS — 0,06 (2%)
1 tier — 0,09 (3%)
2 tier — 0,3 (10%)
3 tier — 0,75 (25%)
4 tier — 1,8 (60%).

Various fixes have been made to the wallet, unused codes are removed, masternode winners updated, updated build-aux/m4, added export LC_ALL=C, variable update, checkpoints update, update function, new wallet is doing faster synchronization, and version and protocol are changed. Also, after setting up and starting a masternode, it becomes active and after 2.5 hours is enabled.

Most platforms and exchanges have already updated LNO to the latest version, some are still in progress.

Crypto Masters

We’re pleased to announce that Crypto Masters and Exmarkets Exchange are now official partners! Now our clients have another great exchange they can get listed on at a discounted price. Exmarkets was launched in September 2018 and is based in Lithuania.
We also managed to get 2×2 Coin listed on one of our partner platforms, OreCoinGames Casino.
We have active twitter giveaway for CCY coin
Participate and get a chance to be one of the lucky winners.

Thank you for all the support. Have a great week folks!