LiveNodes Weekly #14

Hi everyone! In this week’s edition, we have a nice variety of notable developments to bring to your attention. Of particular importance is another mandatory LNO wallet update. Please follow the instructions in the LiveNodes section below to update.


LiveNodes Coin (LNO) is now live on Crex24 Exchange in 3 trading pairs
Crex24 was launched in 2017 and is based in Estonia.

And for the mandatory LNO wallet update:

Please use the latest script to install or update wget && chmod +x && ./

This will update the old 3.3.2 wallet to the new 3.3.3 wallet automatically, use just in case you installed the previous version with the same script.

Crypto Masters

We’re pleased to announce that Crypto Masters and Polis Pay are now Official Partners. “Empower Payments. Integrate Cryptocurrencies to your daily life.”
And we’re now Offical Partners with DigiDinar too.
About DigiDinar– We are a Kuwaiti Company and have started our journey in 2019. We are a group of enthusiastic blockchain engineers, currency brokers, graphic designers, software engineers, and law specialists. We have created our DigiDinar to introduce Kuwait to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in a more simple strategy making it easier for our investors to safely participate in this new digital era. We have our own educational institute and we host seminars and workshops for everyone to join in and learn of this new digital world”.

And we’re pleased to welcome a new project to our Crypto Masters Ecosystem as well, 2x2Coin (2X2).
From their site: “It is well known that Proof-of-Stake (PoS) is considered as energy-efficient, decentralized, very secure system. And, at the same time, PoS blockchain network makes it possible to draw benefits from just holding cryptocurrency without acquiring costly crypto mining equipment or renting hash power. Put simply, everyone who possesses Proof of Stake coin and runs that coin’s wallet on their computer becomes a Stakeholder and can earn Staking Rewards. Because of all the above-mentioned reasons, we have created 2X2 — a PoS cryptocurrency which, despite the crypto market fluctuations, can generate a passive income stream for its holders.“

Also, we managed to get one of our clients, 404 Coin (404), listed on the OreCoinGames Casino Platform. Congratulations!

And last but not least, there is a SINOVATE (SIN) tournament on OreCoinGames. 20 winners will share 30k in SIN Coins total.

Good luck!

For this special occasion, we’re doing a Sinovate (SIN) twitter bounty