LiveNodes Weekly #15

Hi everyone! It’s hard to believe it’s already the 15th LiveNodes Weekly. Time flies when you’re working hard and having fun. We have lots of exciting news and updates for you on this issue.


Now there is a LiveNodes Tier 4 Masternode! The collateral for this masternode is 20,000 LNO. It’s generating an average daily income of 200 LNO currently. This masternode can double in 100 days (100 day ROI) to 40,000 LNO at this rate. Imagine the earnings and all of the nice things you could get with a LNO Tier 4 Masternode.

Why else should you consider a LNO Tier 4 Masternode? LiveNodes is one of the very few coins with 3 active use cases and 16 services. LNO masternode rewards can be used to buy quality products from the LiveNodes Online Store. Everything in the store is for sale in LiveNodes Coin. This is a 100% LNO shopping experience. We’ll be adding more items to the store regularly. Check it out!

And for those that it may concern, the LNO wallets on Crex24 have been updated and re-enabled.

Crypto Masters

We’re excited to announce that Sombe Project (SBE) is listed in our Crypto Masters Ecosystem. To learn about the project check the new-coins channel in our Discord. To celebrate our partnership we just started an SBE Twitter bounty. Five random winners that receive 20,000 SBE each will be drawn on December 1st. Participate for a chance to be one of the lucky winners!

We brokered some nice listings this week for clients and partner platforms as well. Sombe Project (SBE) and JunsonMingChan (JMC) have been listed on OreCoinGames Casino. There are also two clients that have been listed on Zcore Masternode System, Dynamic (DYN) and Sombe Project (SBE).

Lastly, the SINOVATE Tournament has ended. Congratulations to the 20 winners!

Thank you for all the support. Have a great week folks!