LiveNodes Weekly #16

Hi everyone! In this week’s edition, we have lots of amazing news and updates to cover.


Let’s start off with an update about the LiveNodes Online Store. We’re continuously adding various new products. Have you checked it out yet? Shop with LNO and get great deals with free shipping!
The LiveNodes Nation celebrated Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with 30% discounts for all products until 3rd of December!! We hope you have a great shopping experience and a lot of fun at our Online Store!

And to whom it may concern, Ataix exchange has updated the LNO wallet to the latest version. Happy trading!

Crypto Masters

A new project has been added to Crypto Masters- Trendo. Cited from their site
“Trendo — a social media ecosystem:
Bringing opinion leaders and content creators into a network
Growing reach and engagement in social media content organically through gamification
Creating a transnational marketplace for exchanging influence.
Projects in the ICO and IEO space often spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on communicating to potential investors via social media. Trendo already has a built-in audience of social media content creators and opinion leaders that will engage directly with the token. Trendo offers tools that are in high demand in the industry, providing ways of boosting user engagement. A key strength of the Trendo token is that it is needed for the core functionality of the platform. Therefore, even those who choose to pay for the service in fiat currency actively use the Trendo token in the course of doing business.”
Trendo platform
Project description
We added Trendo on the Zcore platform.

Another project, SafeCapital, recently utilized our custom video service

Check out this video by Crypto Enthusiast, LiteLiger, he mentions Crypto Masters and some of the airdrop and bounty promos that we do. 8 minutes in

This week we received news that Snode and CryptoBridge are shutting down. Those who still have assets on those platforms should move their funds as soon as possible.

We are happy to announce that eFork token will be listed on OreCoinGames Casino.
Sombe tournament is live on OreCoinGames. Prize Pool is 100000 SBE.

For those who are interested in earning some valuable coins by participating in giveaways, please check out our latest Twitter Promotions:
4000 TRND coins will be distributed among 5 random winners on December 12

Those who sign up at and do KYC verification will get 3 DDR in their accounts. With today’s price it is equal to $33

Thank you all for the support! Have a productive week folks!