LiveNodes Weekly #17

Hi everyone! We have lots of terrific news, updates, and information to share with you for the remainder of this great decade. Let’s dive right in.


Have you checked out the new products that are available in the LiveNodes Online Store? Shop with LNO for some fantastic deals on a growing variety of products with free shipping worldwide.

Recently, one of our clients, Sombe Project (SBE) was listed on LNO Masternode Monitoring.

Due to popular demand, LiveNodes Coin (LNO) is now listed on the OreCoinGames Casino Platform. This serves as another nice use case for LNO. LiveNodes Coin now has 4 use cases and offers 16 services.

Crypto Masters

Right now there’s a Sombe Project (SBE) Twitter bounty. Four random winners will receive 2,500 SBE each. The winners will be drawn on Dec 22.

There’s a Medium bounty for Sinovate (SIN) as well. The prize pool of 2,000 SIN will be shared among all participants! Follow them on Medium Clap under this post ( one user can clap 50 times) Post the screenshot in Crypto Masters discord server with your SIN address. The participants will be paid on Dec 22.

And Crex24 Exchange is including SkyHub Coin (SHB) in their free listing vote. Get 5 SHB each to help them win the listing vote! Join the Crex24 Discord server and vote for Number 3 Post the screenshot in our discord channel with your SHB address and get your SkyHub Coin!

Thank you for all the support. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Decade!