LiveNodes Weekly #18

Hi everyone! We hope you guys are having a great year so far. It’s time for another nice helping of noteworthy news and updates.


There are more quality products available in the LiveNodes Online Store. Our selection is growing rapidly. Check often to take advantage of some great deals. Shop with your LiveNodes Coins!

Recently another project, Consortium (CSM), was listed on the LiveNodes Monitoring Platform.

Take a look at their masternode statistics!

Crypto Masters

We’re very pleased to announce that we’re now official partners with Allsafe Coin (SAFE), Sombe Project (SBE) and DigiDinar (DDR) Check out the articles we just authored that outline our collaboration with these great projects. Be sure to give them some claps! All articles we publish can also be found on Medium.

Everyone please give a warm welcome to our newest clients! Consortium (CSM) and Golden Ratio Holdings (GOLDR) What is Consortium? Their site states: “The Consortium is a virtual currency that will reach many users and merchants who are followers of blockchain technology, it also focuses on digital marketing, freelance, telemarketing and much more.” What is Golden Ratio Holdings? Their site states: “Golden Ratio Holdings is a blockchain-based real estate marketplace, where buyers and sellers meet to carry out operations involving digital goods & assets with cryptocurrency transactions.

Right now we have some exciting and lucrative giveaways on Twitter to participate in. You don’t want to miss out on these opportunities to win big. Firstly, there’s a 12.5K EFORK giveaway worth $500! 10 random participants will receive 1,250 EFORK each. The winners will be drawn on January 22nd.

And there’s a 1k SAFE giveaway. 4 random participants will receive 250 SAFE each. The winners will be drawn on January 25th.

Finally, a mega DOGE giveaway for GoldenRatioCoin. 5 random participants will receive 4k DOGE each. The winners will be drawn on January 25th.

Good luck guys!

Last but not least, we managed to list AllSafe on the Pecunia Platform and Atlantis eFork on the OreCoinGames Casino Platform.

Thank you for all the support. Until next time folks!