LiveNodes Weekly #2

For this week’s edition of LiveNodes Weekly, we have several exciting developments to bring to our community’s attention. The team has been working diligently to ensure projects continue receiving high-quality services. We’re improving our offerings and making new ones available on a consistent basis. Our operations are growing and with it our capabilities.


The wallet for LiveNodes Coin has been updated successfully. All of the issues that we experienced during testing have been resolved. We’ve accomplished something that very few thought was possible. The team’s perseverance paid off yet again. 

Just recently LNO was listed on They offer a variety of quality masternode services. Later this week we’re going to reveal a surprise addition to the LiveNodes website. It’s going to be another great use case for LNO!

Crypto Masters

As stated in the previous LiveNodes Weekly, we now have a blog on the Crypto Masters website. Our blog contains all of our publications. They can be found in our Medium as well. 

At the moment we are entertaining several ideas for additional marketing services. We look forward to turning more of them into a reality in the near future. The recently added custom web banner service is attracting lots of attention. Our list of marketing services will continue to grow rapidly.

Last but not least, we have added a new team member! Mac is a crypto, marketing, and business relations guru. He has proven to be a truly passionate and devoted professional. We’re happy to have him join us. With a team of now five masters, we can accomplish more than ever before.