LiveNodes Weekly #3

We’re happy to notify our valued community that we’ve made substantial progress since the previous edition. As always, we’re hard at work improving our comprehensive ecosystem and marketing services.


Those who had their LNO masternodes before 21/06 and users with holdings in shared masternode pools have been compensated for the wallet testing period. Now that the wallet’s updated we can focus on other aspects of our coin. As of 18/08 LNO is live again on the Zcore Masternodes System.

Another exciting recent development is our new creation,  the LiveNodes Online Store. You can use LNO to buy various products there. We’ll be adding items to the store on a regular basis. This is an excellent use case for LNO.

Development of our masternode monitoring service is well underway. This service will provide inclusive statistics on masternodes. It will be released in a few weeks, stay tuned for the exact date.

Crypto Masters

In regards to Crypto Masters, we have several partnerships we’ll be announcing in the near future. We’re also consistently thinking of and working on new ways to market our partners and clients. The more services we offer, the better we can meet our partners’ and clients’ needs.

 We started a Discord bounty to increase our number of subscribers on YouTube. Our video service will obviously be more effective with a larger audience.

The team’s pushing everyday to continue boosting ourselves, partners, and clients to the next level! Thank you to all that are in this endeavor with us. We really appreciate the loyalty, encouragement, and continued support.