LiveNodes Weekly #6

In this week’s article, we have lots of exciting developments to bring to your attention. Some of our biggest ones to date are just on the horizon. The best is yet to come.


We’re delighted to inform you that our masternode monitoring service that we’ve been building, LiveNodes MasterNode Monitoring, is in the final stages of development. On, users will find info and stats of mn coins, like last traded price, change and volume of trades within 24 hours, market capitalization, daily, weekly, monthly and annual return on investment (roi). Our monitoring service is going to be another excellent use case for our coin. Please contact us if you wish to list your project.

LiveNodes Coin is currently participating in a vote to list on a new Japanese crypto exchange, ATAIX. As of today, LNO is 10th out of 37 coins. Please help us boost our coin to the top of the list by casting votes! We are compensating voters with 2 LNO for every vote. Voting is limited to 1 every 24 hours.

Crypto Masters

Our social media presence continues to increase. We now have 3,300+ followers on Twitter, 7,350+ members on Telegram, and 6,150+ members with 1,400+ online daily in our Discord. We’re reaching more people across the globe than ever.

Recently we helped some of our clients list on a couple of our partner platforms. Sinovate (SIN) was listed on the Orecoin Games Online Casino Platform. Gold Poker Coin (GPKR) listed on Evonodes, a shared masternode pool and staking platform. Congratulations! Also, please take a look at an article about the Snode Masternode Hosting Platform that was just published in our CM blog.

Be sure to join us next week for more exciting news and updates.