LiveNodes Weekly #7

Hi there! We’re pleased to have you join us for this extra-special edition of LiveNodes Weekly.


First and foremost, Livenodes Coin (LNO) is now finally listed on CoinMarketCap. CMC provides Livenodes Coin more exposure than any other site on the web. LNO was recently listed on as well. In the ATAIX listing vote, LiveNodes Coin is in third place. Please help us boost LNO to the number one position by voting! One vote is allowed per 24 hours. Also, another LNO wallet update is coming soon. And lastly, our Livenodes Masternode Monitoring is going to be available in the near future.

Crypto Masters

Please check out the airdrop promos that we have on discord every day. We also do Twitter Bounties on a frequent basis. Users are compensated with coins for doing a variety of tasks to help spread the word. We’re doing one with Zcore right now. There will be 5 winners that receive 200 ZCR a piece. The winners for this bounty will be drawn on September 25th. Zcore is also doing a swap ahead of their 2.0 wallet update in the near future. Users must swap their coins before block 490,000.

We have more news from some of our other clients too that we’d like to make you aware of. Just recently we got SINOVATE (SIN) listed on Zcore Masternodes System. And Masters of Nodes has again redesigned their website. Please take a look!

Thanks again everyone for all of the support and encouragement. We couldn’t do this without you!