LiveNodes Weekly #8


LiveNodes Masternode Monitoring Service is now live! On the site, users can analyze the details of MN coins, last traded price, change and volume of trades within 24 hours, market cap, daily, weekly, monthly, and annual return on investment and much more. For those that wish to list, please fill out a request form on the site. We’ve already listed PIVX, SINOVATE (3 tiers), and LNO (3 tiers).

The voting competitions we’re participating in to list on a couple more exchanges are going very well. LiveNodes Coin is in the number 1 position for both Crex24 and ATAIX. Thank you for voting, if you haven’t, please do! We need all the votes we can get to ensure victory.

Crypto Masters

In celebration of our partnership with Trittium, we’re doing a joint Twitter bounty. Ten random bounty participants will win 1000 TRTT and 150 LNO each. The winners will be drawn on October 5th. And to celebrate Masters of Nodes’ website redesign we’re doing a Twitter bounty with them as well. Ten random participants will win 1000 DOGE a piece. The winners will be drawn on September 30th. Make sure to check out our daily airdrops, voting bounties, crypto news and latest coin updates on our discord server.

Thank you for all the support. Have a fantastic week everyone!