LiveNodes Yearly 2019

The LiveNodes Ecosystem was launched in February 2019. In less than one year’s time so much has been accomplished. Now we have 16 services that we offer to our customers. And we’ve managed to establish 25+ partnerships and acquire 100+ clients. LiveNodes Coin (LNO) was listed on Coinexchange and Escodex right after launch, but unfortunately, those two exchanges closed down. We acted quickly and listed LNO on Crex24, TradeSatoshi, and ATAIX.

The biggest product and first use case that LiveNodes has is the Crypto Masters Ecosystem. The amount of partners we have and the number of services we offer is growing exponentially.

Just a few months ago, our second use case for LNO, the LiveNodes Online Store, was launched. There’s a wide selection of quality products to choose from that can be purchased with LNO. It’s a 100% LNO shopping experience.

And the third use case for LNO is the LiveNodes MN Monitoring Platform. It was launched in September. The platform provides accurate information and statistics for masternode coins. We’re adding more coins on a consistent basis.

Last, but not least, the fourth use case for LNO is the recent OreCoinGames Casino listing. It’s now possible to bet with LNO!

We managed to create an impressive four use cases for LNO in less than 12 months.

There is so much to look forward to this year, this new decade. For 2020 we plan to create more great use cases and services, form more partnerships and acquire more clients. Please stay tuned! We have so many awesome surprises in store for this year and beyond!

Thank you for all the support. Happy New Year/Decade!