Merebel, a secure fin-tech solution for your passive income

Merebel Unique Ecosystem

Fintech projects based on blockchain technology are numerous in the market and try to meet the same needs: to set up a safe and secure financial system while offering customers the benefit of passive investment solutions that are much more profitable than what the traditional banking system can offer. Masternodes have become the first choice for investors, offering low-cost services for a booming market.

After considering the pros and cons of the banking and masternode sectors, Merebel brought a new financial solution for the community by launching the Merebel currency within an ecosystem based on a network of masternodes.

In short, Merebel is an open-source blockchain currency offering ultra-fast transactions and low fees anonymously by combining a state-of-the-art decentralized solution for governance and treasury management and the benefits of blockchain and the Zerocoin protocol. Merebel offers a new bank and debit card system based on Masternode rewards, bringing adoption closer while offering a possibility to use the currency in real-life every day.

Merebel is based on a POW/MN consensus and the Lyra2Z algorithm, implemented by Zcoin in early 2017. Lyra2z is a chained algorithm that uses Blake256 for the first round and Lyra2 for the final round and is designed to be both GPU and CPU friendly. Today in 2019, Bitcoin’s mining costs and electricity costs have become out of reach for miners alone. The monopoly has thus returned to large companies specialized in large scale mining. The mining of bitcoin is then no longer profitable for individuals and the algorithm on which it is based, the SHA-256, has now become almost obsolete.

Merebel coin emission model allows everyone to participate in the network and remain more profitable than Bitcoin mining. Users can become masternode owners to generate daily rewards. The economic model of Merebel is focused on community power and not based on the centralization of wealth.

Merebel, with the diversification of its services, offers an important choice for its community while guaranteeing stable investments within a secure and reliable infrastructure.

Merebel Masternode Hosting Platform

The Merebel team offers a great way to make a passive income with MERI currency and masternodes easily. The masternode platform is intuitive and easily accessible to users, even the one without technical knowledge. The dashboard shows important information such as current balance, total deposits and withdraws and the interests also called as “repeat”. The rest of the platform allows seeing exact transactions logs, track investments, and edit profile parameters such as general information or password. The referral system allows users to benefit from sharing Merebel to their network of investors.

The platform offers weekly compound and 4 different packages in order to give everyone the chance to invest in the Merebel ecosystem regardless of their financial capabilities to be able to benefit from a high ROI (with a minimum of 3000 MERI). The compounding is a major advantage over competitors since it rewards long-term investors weekly until the end of the 52 weeks.

Tier 1: Starter Node: 3000–9000 MERI with a commission of 2,5% for a duration of 52 weeks.

Tier 2: Silver Node: 12000–18000 MERI with a commission of 2,65% for a duration of 52 weeks.

Tier 3: Gold Node: 21000–45000 MERI with a commission of 2,8% for a duration of 52 weeks.

Tier 4: Diamand Node: 48000–100000 MERI with a commission of 3% for a duration of 52 weeks.

This masternode hosting solution gives users the chance to benefit from a high-tech hosting infrastructure, safe and secure and available in a few clicks. The automated configuration and the online wallet ensure an easy process for the end-user without any technical knowledge. Investors can check and control their nodes investments in few seconds directly from the dashboard.

Extra note: If users wish to join the Merebel network but doesn’t own enough funds, some third-party services offer easy ways to join shared masternodes or “staking pools” in order to increase users’ holdings. This can be a good solution to reach the minimum amount of 3000 MERI.

The Merebel currency can also be mined or bought using any current exchange where the coin is listed:


CryptoBridge :

Graviex :

FinexBox :

Merebel Bitcoin Investment Platform

In order to be able to offer a wide range of banking services as planned in the roadmap for the long run, Merebel recently introduced another way to make investments directly using bitcoin and combining both platforms. This solution opened to everyone, allows investing in a stable and safe investment solution within the Merebel ecosystem. The whole system is based on network growth and expansion. Bringing more people to the Merebel services is a major goal for the team and for the current investors who can benefit from significant gains by actively sharing the name of Merebel and the activities associated with it. This vision empowers the masternode original vision which is decentralization. More masternodes means a more secure and decentralized chain and this can be achieved through the MLM system introduced by the Merebel team and the global adoption through future achievements (explained in the next section).

Platform Overview

The Merebel investment platform is user-friendly and practical for investors. The dashboard provides a simple overview of the platform and user account statistics such as the total amount invested or the number of active masternodes as well as a real-time view of the market-based return on investment by masternode. The other tabs offer a referral panel to control all the affiliates, transaction logs, a secure online wallet, and investments. The platform is fully secured and safe and double factor authentification can be added to increase the overall security of the users’ accounts.

Finally, the investment and packages tab gives the possibility to invest in three different packages and easily earn bitcoin while monitoring the earnings:

Starter Package: 500 dollars worth of BTC

Silver Package: 1500 dollars worth of BTC

Gold Package: 3000 dollars worth of BTC

During the investment process, users can choose to let the platform automatically pick the best coin for the investment or manually pick it directly. The platform has automated exchange and bitcoin rewards, thus, earning from masternodes can be directly swapped into bitcoin by the platform. The packages tab allows users to control their purchases and monitor the daily earnings.

As a user see its earnings growth, he can understand the importance of a wide and diversified network. Therefore, Merebel implemented an innovative and unprecedent MLM system to increase security within the network of masternodes but also to expand the community of Merebel.

Standard MLM system

In short, network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing, is a business model that involves a pyramid structured network of people who sell a company or group products or services. The participants in this network are often remunerated on a commission basis. That is, people in this network get commission every time they perform the specified task, like purchasing a service or recruiting new members in the network. In this type of system, consumers are the participants, their family, friends, and acquaintances are their customers, and this cycle goes on. The number of levels is often limited and doesn’t allow users to benefit a lot from this kind of system. The more a user makes known the entity in question, and the more it will receive significant financial benefits through its referral link and its network of affiliates.

Merebel Affiliate MLM and Earning systems

Unlike traditional MLM systems where a majority is limited to level 2 or 3, in Merebel, a distributor can have unlimited sub-distributors. Each sub-distributor can also have an unlimited number of distributors under them. Merebel MLM’s plan is, in short, a limitless multi-level marketing plan offering the possibility to get unlimited earning through network growth.

This system includes a wide variety of possibility to earn more rewards:

Multi-Level Commissions: gained from the sales achieved by the down level distributors. This plan has unlimited commissions from sales by the members till the 10th level down with an infinite width. This has a lot of potential for users and investors with a lot of contacts in the crypto sphere or within a large group of investors. The distribution of commissions is based on a defined amount by level: 5% for level 1 , 2% for levels 2 ,3,8,9,10 and 1,5% for levels 4,5,6,7.

– Sponsor Partner Bonus: Unlimited direct referrals and earn a direct commission of 5%. This bonus incentives to promote the business to members.

-Masternode Rewards Bonus: As a user’s network grows, every time the masternode of a referral receives a reward, he will immediately get a bonus in the form of bitcoins. This bonus can go up to 7%, depending on the user’s rank and the levels of affiliates he has.

-Rank Advancement Bonus: A bonus paid to all existing members when they turn eligible to the higher rank after purchases. The level can be increased when the users or their affiliates purchase a new node package directly on the site. The points are allocated as follow:

– 20 points for starter nodes (500 dollars)

– 60 points for silver nodes (1500 dollars)

– 120 points for gold nodes (3000 dollars)

The different ranks range from 400 to 200,000 points and a bonus of 1% is earned and applied at each level change. This achievement is a bonus each rank to increase the commission percentage.

– Leadership Bonus Pool: The top ranked people of Merebel MLM Compensation plans are eligible for additional benefits. The leadership pool will be a certain percentage of the quarterly sales (3%) awarded to “leaders” based on their performance.

Next step

One of the major goals for the Merebel team is to increase global adoption by giving easy access to Merebel banking and investment solutions across the world. Having access to a computer or internet in developed countries isn’t a problem but, in numerous other countries, access to this type of service remains impossible.

Merebel plans to implement the MasterMERIcard to solve that problem. As previously announced by the team, in 2020, investors will be able to receive the rewards directly in fiat with the MasterMERIcard and benefit from all the advantages related to the Merebel ecosystem and services.