StellarPayGlobal, a decentralized payment project joins the CryptoMasters Ecosystem

Since the creation of the first cryptocurrencies and their arrival on the market, it has become important for newcomers within this sector to offer innovative technical solutions allowing them to standout amongst the competition already established for years now. Despite the multitude of existing projects, the vast majority still fail to offer fast and reliable blockchain payment systems for daily use and everyday services. This is why we are delighted to announce our new partnership with the StellarPayGlobal project, a decentralized payment system based on blockchain with a very well-known protocol, Stellar. StellarPayGlobal and its community will benefit greatly from our comprehensive marketing solutions.

StellarPayGlobal , a fast and secure decentralized payment solution

In short, StellarPayGlobal or XLPG, is a utility token native to the Stellar Blockchain, known for it’s fast, cross-border transactions between various pairs of currencies. The choice to be based off of the Stellar protocol was carefully considered before the launch of the project. Stellar offers almost instantaneous, inexpensive and entirely secure transactions. It’s imperative to provide users with a solution that is really usable in everyday life without having to wait all day. StellarPayGlobal’s primary objective is to connect banks, payment systems, and people together. The StellarPayGlobal project includes a blockchain platform, REGI (Real Estate Global Investors) and GIP (Global Investors Pay) for the banking program.

REGI and GIP introduction

To fully understand StellarPayGlobal’s vision , it’s important to know the difference between the two platforms within the ecosystem. Real Estate Global Investors, REGI is a security token and decentralized platform facilitating investment in residential, commercial and industrial lands giving the possibility to token holders to become owners of real estate in any part of the world. The REGI token incentivizes users to hold and contribute to the growth of the project for the long term. All REGI partners will be able to buy goods and services including real estate using XLPG once the platform is ready.

The second platform, GIP or Global Investors Pay is a utility token and a decentralized platform for investment in many components run by XLPG. The GIP token holders are guaranteed to keep their investments. Both tokens have limited supply; 930,000 REGI and 93,000 GIP. The current XLPG banking program is entirely focused on working with real estate, but the team plans to expand the brand into various sectors in the near future including food/water, transportation, technology, arts health care and banking.

Meet the team of XLPG

The StellarPayGlobal team is comprised of 4 active team members and two advisors that are all actively working for the establishment of the brand in the crypto market sector. An Binh is Head of Operations , Anthony Winner is Head of Marketing/Community Manager . John Close is the CTO and senior developer for the project. Ed Jun and Rusdee Mohamed are both board advisors. Finally, Liburd Germain-Sadere is the CEO and leader of the team and project. He brought the vision for XLPG to life. “StellarPayGlobal is for everyone […] Our goal is to make everyone within the community successful. A community that believes in our mission and our movements. As CEO, my goal is to guide XLPG in the right direction with our global team of highly professional and knowledgeable individuals. For me, it is a privilege to work for you for a better future and I hope XLPG and its components can change your life for the better…”.

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