Suqa to SINOVATE and Crypto Masters Collaboration

In business, it is important to stay ahead of competitors and think about the future by ensuring small or big changes in the company organization. In the crypto field, numerous projects have been forced or chosen to rebrand to earn a new start or continue the development of a project in a new direction with a new vision.

SINOVATE (SIN) is the successor of SUQA and was rebranded in early 2019. It combines the brand new custom X25X algorithm alongside Komodo’s unique security mechanism, well known as the Delayed Proof of Work (dPOW) solution. The team implemented this mechanism to provide an additional layer to safeguard the SIN blockchain against one of the major threats against POW currencies, the 51% attacks. This new algorithm ensures this by leveraging the Bitcoin network hash rate with the notarization process. The SIN blockchain offers a wide range of features and services, SUQA was open source, had no pre-mine, no ICO/ICO and organized a fair launch. The development team communicated transparent and responsive, even providing regular financial statements. The team decided to maintain its core beliefs and values and rebranded to SINOVATE, a next-generation cryptocurrency platform. As blockchain technology evolved, the team realized they had to expand their project as well, focusing on new blockchain innovations and mass adoption. SINOVATE is fully open-sourced and has a wide community and user base, who all contribute to the project.

SINOVATE created multi-tiered Infinity Nodes, an innovative system that automatically allocates the block reward between one Big, Mid and Little SIN Node. SIN used to create Infinity Nodes are burnt immediately and are no longer part of the circulating coin supply, decreasing the selling pressure on the exchanges. Infinity Nodes last 12 months only and guarantee the holder a minimum up to 22% annual ROI(BIG). This infrastructure also uses some additional features like FlashSend Instantenous transactions in less than 3 seconds and anonymity of ShadowSend.

The SINOVATE team is led by Tamer Dagli, CEO and founder with Pallas and XuânTân NGUYEN, respectively CTO and lead developer for the project. The SINOVATE network has a diversified team of professionals holding expertise in various fields such as Leadership, Blockchain development, Operations, Marketing, Big data, Advising including Crypto Masters team since September 2018.

This long-term collaboration has brought Crypto Masters to expand its community and network through solid collaborations with various crypto projects mainly specialized in masternode networks. Suqa, now SINOVATE benefited from the wide network of crypto masters to reach a bigger audience and bring potential investors. Making the right partnerships at the good time can ensure the best future for a group and improve the capacities of a project in the long run. This is what Crypto masters and SINOVATE achieved in less than a year together.



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