Telos 2.0: A centralized vision for decentralized innovation

The advent of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in our modern society has created new opportunities for both the general public and private investors. On the one hand the control of its own funds with the considerable financial freedom to dispose of them and on the other hand openness to technological innovation around the blockchain. State-of-the-art technologies developed from Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision in 2009 are numerous and diversified and offer an ever wider range of services and solutions. Nevertheless, this upsurge in projects poses a major problem in determining the seriousness and long-term potential of these same projects. Most, however, with good ideas, still fail to bring certain originality or innovation in the long term or to bring a concrete idea or vision to achieve the main objective of the development of these currencies, the general adoption for the everyday services. However, the Transcendence project has managed, in a very short period of time, to achieve many important objectives, attesting to their seriousness.

The unprecedented implication for general adoption and decentralization

The Telos team has been working hard since its launch to regularly bring new features and integrate the cryptocurrency into many entities and opportunities. In this perspective, the CEO of the blockchain Transcendence, Pascal Papara, has often mentioned on the social networks the various progress and partnerships made and the improvements envisaged.

It is therefore without restraint that we can evoke the future significant implementation of the currency in a new partnership with Aeguana. For information, Aeguana is a technology company specialized in automated retail such as vending machines and experiential campaigns. The list of applications goes from in-store interactions to pop-ups and nationwide marketing campaigns and will be a great addition to the Telos network. This major addition will offer the possibility to integrate the currency in many different places but also in many different areas. Nevertheless, the operation of these machines will be unique and special. Indeed, it will be possible to use both current fiduciary currencies but also Telos currency.

Following the addition of these machines, the team reflected on a way to integrate the various payment methods and thus developed a new partnership with a German company, Elavon, to accept cards. These same machines will offer cash-back in the form of Telos coins when consumers use payment via the NFC protocol. The long-term project of the Transcendence team is to ensure the digital transformation of these devices to ATM crypto. The intrinsic definition of smart technologies means that the machines will be easy to transit with a simple modification of the user interface.

State-of-the-art technology

At the same time, the Telos team has steered its roadmap towards the development of advanced technical solutions to satisfy the community while maintaining the main notion of blockchain technology, decentralization. One of the biggest successes of the Transcendence group is the creation and the release of the Bluebox for the community (for those interested, it is possible to purchase one of these devices directly on

Bluebox is a device allowing to acquire different cryptocurrencies that can be found on the crypto market. BlueBox has been designed and acts as a POS device, with the possibility to host masternode, but also offers compatible solutions such as POW, Proof Of Computing and Proof of storage. Since its launch, this solution has enjoyed growing success in the Transcendence community and its partners to the point where the first version of this equipment was sold in a very short time. This premature stock-outs forced the team to redesign this solution entirely to make it sustainable in the long-term since the first version wasn’t adapted for this demand. In order to satisfy all the requests from the community and from customers, the team thought about a new way to recreate the product in a different design to be able to produce it quicker.

The new version BlueBox Gold was announced at the end of June by the team to meet the constant demand for these boxes. The notable differences between the two versions are the storage size and the design of the box. However, it is no longer possible to switch from the standard version to the PRO version with this new product. The introduction of this new “domestic” solution (The Bluebox is a home-made device for managing nodes) is accompanied by the introduction of a new currency, the Bitcoin Subsidium, which will fully serve the holders of Blueboxes.

Both currencies have been introduced by the Transcendence project and XBTX represents a backed value for Telos, such as common gold. The sense of “pair” is defined on the principle that Bitcoin Subsidium can be swapped as a pair TELOS / XBTX with a ratio of 100 TELOS for 1 XBTX. This innovative currency can only be mined directly through the OpenCL system on Blueboxes and cannot be acquired in any other way.

The Transcendence team still has a lot of ideas in mind to bring more solutions to the network. The arrival of Telos 2.0 doesn’t come alone but also bring a new opportunity: Piggy Bank 2.0

Piggy is an OrangePI device with a special operating system called “PiggyBank-OS” and a Teloscoin wallet functioning by being always online and connected to the network. The low energy consumption allows this kind of bank to be powered by a solar panel or only a light source of energy. Piggybank 2.0 comes with a completely new operating system that includes two wallets. TELOS 2.0 wallet and Bitcoin Subsidium wallet offer a secured and safe way to stake crypto in a single device. To acquire this solution with its unique and amazing design, you can directly purchase on

Telos 2.0 Evolution

The arrival of Telos 2.0 is a major challenge for the Transcendence group and for the community. Version 1.0 has brought many use cases for the TELOS currency such as the integration on, a well-known masternode hosting service (as well as other more or less known masternode hosting services). , the merging of Pegasus and TELOS and the integration on online gaming platforms such as OreCoinGame (a partnership that we mentioned in our previous article) or more recently Crypto Treasures game, an addictive and intuitive game where you hunt treasures, winning a wide set of cryptocurrencies including Telos.

This major evolution of the ecosystem is a big step forward for the Transcendence community.

TELOS 2.0 is a new evolved blockchain that aims to enable more efficient operation in the entire ecosystem while increasing transaction time and offering more uses cases for everyday use. This new “Telos” will be a great addition to the community who will be able to decide about future changes through a voting system on Each member of the community can become an active actor in the entire Telos ecosystem. Given that the consensus that TELOS 2.0 should be tiered has been reached, the community is currently deciding on several important issues around the masternode specifications:

Collateral Difference: Tiered Masternodesare a good way to let everyone participate in the success of a project. A lot of projects offer expensive masternode which remain unaffordable for common investors. In that way, the introduction of 5 new tiers allows anyone to receive rewards for their participation. The possibilities are split into 5 tiers :

Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum/Diamond also named from Tier 1 to Tier 5. The collateral amount goes from 1000 Telos minimum on Tier 1 to 100 000 Telos in Tier 5

New Reward Scheme & Halving: A new reward scheme focused on a 10%/90% ratio (Staking/Masternode) with a block reward reduced to 100 TELOS from 200 originally. This topic has been subject to a community vote and the whole process has already been decided and approved by the community. This will ensure long-term price sustainability and decrease the current depreciation of Telos.

Furthermore, the community submitted a proposal for a treasury collect in order to fund future development and charity around the Transcendence ecosystem. The voting system implies that the whole process of governance is fair and stay focused on community against a vote cost of 90 TELOS (Previously 180 before rewards reduction). The entire ecosystem is controlled by the community to ensure its best future and continue the underlying vision of the Transcendence team: the decentralization. The transcendence team dedication for the community is one of the most impressive and rarest in the crypto sphere and will bring a lot more use cases for both TELOS and XBTX currencies for worldwide adoption in the upcoming times