TradeSatoshi UI upgrade Overview

While the general adoption of cryptocurrencies is increasing every day and especially in 2019, cryptocurrencies exchanges play a major role in the evolution of this sphere as they act as the direct link between investors and projects. They provide coins developers access to a new user base and vice-versa. The combined monthly trading volume of the largest crypto-exchanges exceeds hundreds of billions of US dollars. As a traditional financial exchange, the cryptocurrency exchange’s core operation is to allow for the buying and selling of these digital assets, as well as others. In that way, it is important to be always on top of innovations and upgrades to ensure the best user experience and security associated with investor’s funds.

Launched in 2016, TradeSatoshi is a crypto-to-crypto exchange that allows users to trade today more than 200 digital currencies. It lists popular coins like bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin as well as a wide variety of lesser-known currencies. TradeSatoshi features a basic user interface and supports 2-factor authentication for account security. TradeSatoshi’s Team has been working hard on improvements and changes for the exchange. With an increasing community, which now amount to 360K+ users, TradeSatoshi became an attraction to both cryptocurrency projects owners and traders to list their coins and actively trade on the platform and felt the need to bring some improvements and evolution to the entire platform.

TradeSatoshi New UI Features

· Easy RegistrationThe registration process is simple and anyone can easily create an account and activate it by an e-mail verification process.

· Intuitive navigation: Everything is based on the Homepage: It displays the top trading pairs and has tabs for Trading and on-going competitions. It also features the support team, live chat, latest news and an interesting faucet to earn free coins. Projects wanting to get a listing can also access this dropdown to apply for listing evaluation.

· Balance OverviewUsers can consult their entire portfolio in a single interface and view and thus the best trading decisions can easily be taken.

· Platform Themes: The UI comes with both Day and Night theme to suit an individual’s visual liking.

· Trading Tabs: The Trading exchange has 2 options: Basic and Advanced. Basic is for a quick trade and displays all the basic relevant information needed like the order book, day high and low, trade volume, etc. The advanced option is a deep dive view with further details needed for expert trading decisions. Both the views are simultaneously accompanied by real-time graphs powered by Trading View.

· API Bridge: TradeSatoshi’s platform uses JSON format to allow APIs to integrate and scale-up, thus providing a perfect tool for automated trading. The API’s can be set up easily by clicking on the user dropdown and clicking profile.

· Security: TradeSatoshi ensures the system has multiple layers of security to provide the highest protection of the user funds. Firewalls, 2FA, cold storage, live backups, DDoS mitigation, encryption of wallets are a few features in place to avoid any theft on the platform.

· Speed: Fast response time helps traders to gain an edge over others relying on slow basic exchanges. With high-performance types of equipment, TradeSatoshi gives its users an edge to leverage from its fast-paced execution.

· Mobile View: TradeSatoshi’s HTML coding provides for an excellent mobile view thus helping users to buy/sell/trade on the go.

· Fees: TradeSatoshi trading fee is 0.1% and is the same for all markets.

· Customer Support: TradeSatoshi provides 24/7 customer support, via embedded chat and ticketing system to answer all concerns and questions.

· TabTrader: TradeSatoshi is supported via TabTrader app along with other big exchanges. TabTrader enables you to connect your exchange accounts via API keys, and then use the app itself to access your accounts and trade.

TradeSatoshi has been thriving to bring the best user experience on their exchange, offering some interesting and unique features that can’t be found on other major exchanges. The platform is oriented toward the users’ needs while offering faucets, tips in the chatbox, promotions, and competitions to increase their user base and the confidence of its investors.

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