UCAcoin is listed on OreCoinGames and joins the wide CryptoMasters network

Although cryptocurrencies have appeared everywhere across the world for many years, many isolated regions of the world still lack access to the traditional banking system and to payment for services associated with the needs of all days. This disparity between the different parts of the world is all the more accentuated with the current economic crisis caused by COVID-19. In this perspective, the new recent crypto currencies must meet specific needs to allow this unbanked population to have reliable and secure services to protect their assets and different holdings. Therefore, we, at CryptoMasters, are delighted to announce today our new strong collaboration with the UCA project, featuring a groundbreaking approach to crypto currencies for both individuals and businesses.

This partnership opens up new horizons both for our community and for the participants of the UCA group. Our implementation in the crypto sphere and our long-standing experience in this market in terms of marketing will allow UCA to focus entirely on its development needs while many investors will join the UCA project via our extensive network. In the same way, our active users can easily use all the services offered by the UCA group to manage their assets anywhere and anytime.

UCACoin , a digital payment system for renewable energy

UCA, namely United Crypto Alliance is a cryptocurrency project founded with the main focus to be a decentralized payment coin accessible to anyone through a union of many companies to establish the UCA Coin as a stable cryptocurrency in the long run. The team has also set the objective to reach at least 150,000 users and further alliance partners within 2 years of existence. With a portion of the revenue obtained from the UCA Coin economic model, the UCA entity is completely financing the development and production of clean energy for the future. A single system supplies universally deployable electricity for family homes and large industrial facilities alike, and makes access to renewable energy as simple and cost-effective as possible. More products shall be added in the near future related to the green energy sector.

The philosophy of the UCA team was also incorporated into the design of the coin and its logo. The atom and the stars represent how the UCA Coin is a part of both small-scale and large-scale dailylife, without limits. The global connection of all the elements of the universe is depicted on the front in conjunction with the UCA logo.

An experienced leader for a long-term success

The UCA project was founded by a solo man with a great vision toward crypto currencies adoption and potential. Ilhan Dogan, Founder of UCA, is an accomplished man and a successful sales networker that managed to accrue more than 1 million sales partners in his whole career. With more than 1 billion euro generated for the company he was working for and many partnerships with companies across Europe, Ilhan is now bringing his experience and talent to the crypto currency sector to open new horizons to lead UCA to the success it deserves with its innovative approach.

A hybrid consensus for a long-term passive income

The UCA currency is based on a PIVX fork and therefore has all the features and associated advantages such as the Segwit protocol, offering a considerable increase in the number of transactions per second, all the more reinforced with the use of InstantSend and guaranteed zero confirmation transaction. In addition, the network has a hard-coded DNS, foolproof security, a multi-signature system and two solutions for passive income development, POS 3.0 and masternodes. The current block reward is set at 70% Masternodes/30% stakers with a minimum maturation age of 10 hours and a masternode collateral starting at 150,000 coins and increasing regularly from block 300,000 and during the whole the minting period. UCA is also planning to launch its own masternode platform is the upcoming months to give to the community a chance to stake and earn in a trusted platform with the whole set of security needed to ensure the integrity of assets.

UCA Cards and multi-platforms wallets

UCACard is a crypto card solution aimed at individuals wishing to discover the world of cryptocurrencies easily. This card is currently available in various denominations, with a minimum investment of 50 euros, being accessible to anyone regardless of their financial capabilities. UCA Cards can be bought directly from the UCA network and need to be activated after , all the details being stated here including how to buy one: https://ucacards.com/.

UCA project also integrated various wallets including standard Windows/Linux/MacOS as well as mobile solutions for Android and iOS and a secure webwallet. The design is intuitive and helps the community to easily manage their portfolios and assets in a few clicks.

Already listed on OreCoinGames

If you are looking to get more UCA coins outside of exchange, the currency is already listed on our partner site OreCoinGames. For reminder , OreCoinGames is an online gaming club based on blockchain technology where users can play popular slots such as Deluxe, Novomatic, Igrosoft, Netent and others using cryptocurrency. Many tournaments are often organized with huge prize pools to win. With this listing, both UCA project and CryptoMasters users will be able to win more UCA by having fun and to prepare the next masternode collateral increase or to simply raise your holdings amount.

Official Links:

Website: https://ucacoin.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ucacoin

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/unitedcryptoalliance/

WhitePaper: https://ucacoin.com/Whitepaper/UCA_English.pdf

UCACards: https://ucacards.com/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQO0cpcmhy4xslV1IgOB8Jg/